HomeGuard 9.7.2 Crack & Activation Key 2020

HomeGuard 9.7.2 Crack & Activation Key [2020] Download Here

HomeGuard 9.7.2 Key Porn Filter, Keylogger, Screenshots Based on User Actions, Program Blocker, Internet Time Restrictions and more. HomeGuard is an advanced parental control for Windows PC and activity monitoring tool for family and child safety online and offline. Once installed HomeGuard for Windows will silently and automatically block all pornographic and inappropriate content online and record detailed website activity including time of visit and time spent

HomeGuard 9 Patch on each website. Plus a built in keylogger, activity based screenshots, chat and email monitoring and filtering, program/games blocking and time restrictions, Internet and computer usage time restrictions, email notifications and more. HomeGuard is virtually impossible to tamper with, it cannot be bypassed using proxy servers and is unclosable and uninstallable unless the administrative password (provided during installation) is used.

HomeGuard for PC monitors all web activity and automatically blocks all porn content in web pages and search engine results. Porn content filtering is page specific and, in addition to blocking all pornographic websites, blocks inappropriate content in otherwise non harmful websites like newspapers, blogs, and magazines while allowing access to all other web pages of the same websites.

HomeGuard Keylogger is the ultimate solution for monitoring all computer activities both online and offline and for blocking addictive and harmful habits. HomeGuard 64-it protects kids from online predators and bullies by monitoring chat messages, email, social media and web activity and presenting detailed monitoring logs to you in searchable text form and with screenshots of every activity.

Automatic content filtering of websites, chat messages and email for pornographic or inappropriate content or for a list of words defined by you. Internet content filtering cannot be circumvented by the use of proxy servers, all Internet traffic is filtered regardless of ports or destination, all while keeping the use of CPU and memory to a minimum through the use of advanced search and identification algorithms, thus adding very little to no overhead to computer and Internet speed.

Block access to websites in a predefined ‘block’ list. Or allow access only to websites on a ‘allow’ list, blocking all other websites. Recorded details include time spent on each website and which program was used to visit the website. As in content/porn filtering above, the use of proxy servers to defeat websites blocking won’t work.

Take screenshots at predefined intervals and times of day and days of the week. By default, HomeGuard will take screenshots every 10 minutes every day but can be set to take screenshots as often as every 2 seconds. It can also take screenshots when a website is visited, a keyword is found, a chat message/instant message or Email is sent or received, a program is started, a file is printed or it can record screenshots of blocked events only. Set the times at which each program can be used and for how

long. Or completely block certain programs. This feature is designed with excessive/addictive gaming in mind. Blocked programs cannot be opened by renaming or moving the program, once a program is added to a blocking list its signature is computed and saved and it will be recognized no matter where it is on the hard disk or what its name is.

HomeGuard Pro Crack is a professional monitoring application for Windows users. The software lets you control all performed activities in any home PC. You can control your family behavior performed on a computer with ease. HomeGuard Pro Full Crack is able to store internet and noninternet activities of anyone who works with your computer. This program is designed to protect your children activities in your PC. It also helps you exclude certain sites or topic on your PC. You can set Home Guard Crack automatically to take screenshots of any activities performed in your windows computer.

HomeGuard 9 Activation Code:

The software allows saving people’s chat or accessed sites easily. Even if the user deletes the history from the used browser HomeGuard Pro 6 Patch saves all activities for you to review them later. The software has an easy to use batch processing. It also comes out with a new intuitive user workflow interface that makes the program easy to use by professionals as well as beginner users.HomeGuard Pro Serial Key is not a spying tool, but it is a necessary application to protect your family, student or other members activities or behaviors. You can either track your children games that you prevented them from playing as well as performing various other tasks.


  • – Clear reports provided automatically after a period of time Determined by you.
    – Control and monitor your family members using the computer.
    – Create time limits for using computer programs and the Internet.
    – Stores Internet and non- Internet activities of anyone who works with the computer.
    – Easy to exclude certain topics or sites for your family members.
    – Take screenshots of the computer screen at intervals of preset.
    – Ability to monitor and prevent copying and deleting files.
    – Gives you full control over your computer usage.
    – Works easier, faster and also professional.
    – Restrict the use of any program you want, and let the software can inform you about the time the
    – Computer Monitoring Software for windows.

System Requirement:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 in addition to windows vista.
RAM: 512 MB RAM Min.
Disk Space: 100 Mo Free Disk Space.


  1. First of all, install the software. During the installation process, you will need a password, a
    2. Moreover, do not run the software, and close it when it is placed next to the clock.
    3. Additionally, copy the contents of the Patch folder to the software installation location
    4. Also, please note that if you use Windows 7, 8, or 10, you need to right-click on the
    5. Moreover, run the software.

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